Factors Relating to the Hot Water Cylinders in Auckland

People generally cannot afford to buy a new hot water cylinder, so in Auckland; there are many facilities which help a customer to replace a hot water cylinder which are to be repaired at an affordable price. The type of hot water cylinder in Auckland is pressurized hot water cylinder and vented hot water cylinder.

Unvented hot water cylinder

Unvented hot water cylinders were only available in the UK in the year 1986 but became popular in the next few years. In an unvented hot water system, there is no cold water cistern. Cold water is directly supplied to the hot water cylinder. As they are known to operate under pressure, the rate of flow is better compared to other cylinders, which helps in making our day to day life easy by improving bath performance.

The advantages of this unvented hot water cylinder are that people don’t have to maintain a separate cold water cistern(tank), which in turn helps in reducing the space required and in places where winters are extreme it also prevents water from freezing.

As there isn’t any cold water cistern; therefore, there is no need of placing the hot water cylinder at a particular position as it does not rely on gravity.

However, unvented hot water cylinder has some disadvantages, as the hot water relies on the flow of cold water if the pressure from the mains is not applied, i.e., if the mains are turned off, then there won’t be any supply of hot water.

The vented hot water system

The most common hot water cylinder in Auckland is vented hot water cylinders. When compared to the unvented tanks the vented tanks have cold water cistern generally located in a level where the water can pass from cold water cistern to hot water cylinder relying on gravity. Pipework is used to connect the cold water cistern and the hot water cylinder.

Due to the height of the cold water cistern, the hot water pressure is managed. Which means the pressure on the ground floors of the building will be high and the pressure in the top floors of the building will be low. Due to which many showers which are used in domestic life are fitted with electric pumps to increase the pressure in the shower.

Availability and range of the hot water cylinder Auckland

The hot water cylinders in Auckland are available in multiple options and variants that can be installed according to specific needs, energy consumption, and a number of family members. This varies from person to person, the range of the available hot water cylinders in Auckland and the rest of the world are as follows:

  1. Single element 180-litre Stainless Steel (488 mm wide X 1770 mm high)
  2. Dual element 180-litre Stainless Steel (488 mm wide X 1770 mm high
  3. Dual element 250-litre Stainless Steel (550 mm wide X 1740 mm high)

Dual element 320 l Stainless Steel (600 mm X 1910 mm high)